The Anser Clavicle Pin 

The Anser Clavicle Pin is an intramedullary solution designed specifically for the fixation of midshaft clavicle fractures.


The comprehensive design of the Anser Clavicle Pin re-aligns the fractured clavicle and maintains its length.

The Anser Clavicle Pin allows for a one-size-fits-all principle and reduces the need for hardware removal.


  • Intramedullary 

  • Minimally Invasive

  • Low infection risk

  • Quick and simple procedure

  • One-size-fits-all

  • Early start rehabilitation and return to normal activities

  • Few secondary interventions due to reduction in removal of hardware

  • Expected to lower healthcare costs and societal burden

  • If removed, no stress-risers in load-bearing surface which means quick return to play


Based on the premise that midshaft clavicle fractures do not require absolute stability for fracture healing but do need to be realigned and kept at length.

The Anser Clavicle Pin balances flexibility to follow the bi-planar S-shape of the clavicle & rigidity to maintain reduction

The Anser Clavicle Pin is fixated in both fracture elements to prevent secondary shortening and migration 

The Anser Clavicle Pin is designed to be rotationally free. Torque forces dissipate through the fracture site or implant-implant interface keeping the design slim


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